Mandi Nyambi

Get to Know Me

Where do I even begin? I am the CEO and co-Founder of Baalm, a retail company changing the culture of beauty through community. I am a scientist, writer and entrepreneur passionate about skin tech. I started Baalm after struggling to find the right skin care products for my eczema and sensitive skin. I have a bachelor’s degree in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology from Harvard and a master’s degree in Nutrition from Columbia. Lately I’ve been exploring ceramics, and making some kiln-worthy vases, bowls and paper-weights.

Mandi Nyambi completed her A.B. in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a minor in Global Health and Health Policy at Harvard College, where she wrote her thesis on genetics and the regeneration of vertebrate limbs. At Columbia University she studied Human Nutrition where she obtained her M.S. degree, writing her thesis on the growing interrelationship between the burgeoning health tech industry and the traditional healthcare system.