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Coming August 2019

Fresh Face: Simple Routines for beautiful glowing skin, every day

FRESH FACE is a guide to skin care that offers countless ideas, tips, and tricks for maintaining healthy, radiant skin. I believe that skin care is not just about managing blemishes but can be used as a coping mechanism to radically change the way your soul and psyche are fed.

What’s inside…

FRESH FACE includes more than 30 stress free routines for every skin type— dry, oily, combination, aging— and for every moment in life. Wehther you’re prepping for a big event, calming a breakout, traveling on a long flight or indulging in a night in there’s something in it for you. Plus you’ll find advice on how to care for your skin from the inside out, this freshly illustrated handbook has just the thing for every face.

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Coming August 2019


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