Mandi Nyambi




Mandi applies the scientific method to better understand why people get sick and which tools they need in order to improve their quality of life. In her work she primarily focuses on the process of developing products for people to integrate into their daily lives. Here are some of the companies she has worked for.



An integrated healthcare solution changing the way we think about health. Heralded as the Tesla of Healthcare, Hewson is uprooting the healthcare model in a way that hasn't been done for over 60 years. The artificial intelligence system they have developed acts as a virtual health assistant by tracking important biomarkers, centralizing health information and providing personalized solutions for every health issue. Patients can also correspond with health providers via chat, schedule appointments and use the Hewson Superpass to receive care at any health facility without the hassle of antiquated insurance practices. Precision wellbeing made simple.

Ingredient 1

Ingredient1 is a food technology startup with one aim-- make food simple. Their groundbreaking mobile application arms average consumers with the information they need to make the right personal food choices for them. With the food database larger than the size of the average grocery store, you can explore the nutritional makeup, ingredient components of new and healthy foods that fit your food philosophy found in a grocery store near you. Avoid allergens, unwanted chemicals and try a new diet just by swiping right. Ingredient1 was recently acquired by Target.



miniPCR is an biotechnology startup built around a fundamental hardware innovation-- an efficient, portable and reliable Polymerase Chain Reaction machine. Their products have been used to equip labs in introductory high school biology classrooms, remote medical teams fighting Ebola and conducted the first PCR experiments in outer space on the International Space Station.






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The Uber of Gut Health... And the Shared Marketplace in your Body

Your gut is the original shared economy, with over 100 trillion different species of bacteria AirBNBing in your gut for a night or a lifetime. In exchange for shelter, they act as taskrabbits - assisting in food digestion, regulating energy expenditure, determining fullness, maintaining glucose homeostasis, and helping the immune system to fight infection. 

Reproduction is not permissible. 

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Eggs Over Easy: Cholesterol Science Has Flipped

“Cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.” Yes, you read that right.  The 2015 Guidelines Advisory Committee conducted a thorough review of the scientific literature and found that there is no significant link between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol. A big contrast to previous limits...


TALEN-mediated gene editing of the thrombospondin-1 locus in axolotl

Loss-of-function genetics provides strong evidence for a gene's function in a wild-type context. In many model systems, this approach has been invaluable for discovering the function of genes in diverse biological processes. Axolotls are urodele amphibians (salamanders) with astonishing regenerative abilities...




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